Project Imperfect - Devlog #1

This'll be one of probably quite a few devlogs that I'll keep. I'm going to try to keep them to no more than one a day, but by no means does that mean daily. I start working again in about two weeks and school again in about four months, so that on top of any life-living activities I endure means I probably won't be able to work on this daily, unfortunately.

Anyways, to the actual development:

So I'm actually super paranoid,  given how lax I am at keeping a steady development schedule, about sharing too much about the story for my game, but I still want to give a brief overview.

Long ago, in the kingdom of Alon, the people suffered through famine and drought. From a distant land came an alchemist who, through his research, created the Philosopher's Stone, a near-perfect object with immeasurable power. Utilizing the power of the Stone, the Alchemist brought prosperity to Alon. The crops grew high, the rivers flowed full, and the people of Alon were happy.

However, such prosperity came at a steep price. A terrible war sprung up between the kingdom of Alon and the neighboring kingdom. The people outside the kingdom walls suffered first-hand during the war that ravaged the land. An end was nowhere in sight.

The Alchemist, soon discovering the cause of the war, urged the kingdoms to cease their conflict but was ignored. Wrought with guilt over the damage his invention caused, the Alchemist used the Stone's power to seal it away, and went into hiding.

That's more-or-less the backstory for the game. If it sounds simple and/or generic, that's because it's really supposed to be. This game is heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda, more specifically Minish Cap. I wanted the story to be interesting, yet capture that simple feeling  that every Zelda game has with it's generic 'save the princess', 'stop the bad guy', or 'get the McGuffin' concepts. There will be royalty, there will be a bad guy, and there will almost definitely be a McGuffin.


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this is great! Dig the back-story and the planning you have done.  Super!